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Hey guys. I'm Dan, formerly "grabtheearth". I’m originally from Long Island, NY.  My adventure began when I moved out to Hawaii at 23 years old, taking a risk and desiring change.  After living there for 2 years, I flew out to Asia for 3 months; My first time abroad alone.  It changed my life completely.  Following that journey, I moved back to New York to figure out what I wanted to pursue with my life.  I began a prestigious government job in Washington, D.C., lasted 6 months, and then quit my 9-5 corporate lifestyle at age 26.  I’m now pursuing my dreams of creative directing and professional photography, residing full time in Los Angeles.

Living full-time overseas started in June of 2017, while backpacking Central America.  I was writing, blogging, and photographing hostels, while traveling in exchange for cheap accommodation.  I then began producing photographic media content for brands and companies worldwide, living and basing in different locations for a few months at a time.  I have found my place I need to be to grow in my industry, and it happens to be Los Angeles, where I am now based full time.  Bali has always been a second home, after living there for 10 months, so I will continue to visit frequently throughout the year.

I enjoy and thrive in fashion, commercial/lifestyle, portraitures, events, and editorial work. I finally found my direction and passion in the field of professional photography/retouching.  I started shooting friends just for fun, and then began to work with top models and influencers from all across the globe.  Now, I am happy to say that I am a full-time photographer and am beginning my journey in creative directing.  This is Dan Grab Photography.

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